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17th July 2018


Since this year, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport has applied a variety of high technologies such as “Facial recognition to pass the customs”,” Check-in without the need of paper materials “and “Automatically matching for luggage”.


Tourists are watching “broadcast “of their luggage through a camera in the front so that they can grasp where their luggage are.


Facial recognition system automatically recognizes passengers by matching their profiles with their ID in the Security Check Area of Chongqing airport.


Smart trolleys enable passengers to find out destinations and information of flights, and also they can watch films and listen to music on them.

Chongqing is stepping toward the era of “Smart airport”2.0, which can provide passengers more convenient operations. It has great advantages as below.

More efficient

You can Check-in through machine without the need of any paper material, and pass the customs within only 9 seconds. No queues or other procedures will bother passengers.

More safe

Facial recognition for passengers can reduce wrongdoings in the Security Check Area, and they can easily get their luggage when they arrive rather than lost their luggage or take others’ luggage like before. And even if you accidentally take a wrong luggage, you can find yours in no minute with the help of relevant machine.

More convenient

Multi-functional trolleys in airport can be your navigator and player and basic information consultant. And while you’re waiting for your luggage, you can track its way from cameras in case it gets lost or damaged.

Quick car-locating

To locate your car in large parking lot is an uneasy thing, so the airport provides passengers numerous machines for checking the locations of their cars. What’s more, they can also do this through the Wechat subscription of “Chongqing Flight”.

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