Chongqing Sports Industry Expo will be held in September

26th July 2018



It is noted that the Chongqing Sports Industry Expo will be held from Sep. 21 - 23 at the Chongqing International Conference and Exhibition Center.

Chongqing Administrative of sport are appointed as the guidance unit. For this The Sports Industry Expo, it will highlight the achievements of Chongqing sports undertakings and feature sports products.

The organizing committee said, they will invite the top famous sports suppliers, service supplier to join this feast and the exhibition area of the Expo stretches 20,000 square meters, with twelve exhibition areas planned. The exhibitions will focus on exercise, high-end sports clubs, characteristic movement (including ice sports equipment), children's sporting goods, high-end sports goods, NSCC, Tennis, badminton, table tennis, electronic sports, sports technology, sports health care, as well as fitness and competitive sports equipment.

Besides, The organizing committee also plans to create an outdoor square with an area of 10,000 square meters, which will be used for holding big sports fashion show, public basketball shooting contest, fancy basketball show, professional boxing contest, mass sports performances, instant sports lottery ticket activity with vehicles as prizes. Other joyful activities and competitions will be created to fulfill the needs of Chongqing citizens and sports fans.

It’s noted by the organizer, right now, they have already contacted 4000 target customers, it’s expected that about 1000 enterprises and professional institutions from home and abroad will attend the exhibition.

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