Direct Flight

from Chongqing to Boracay

23th January 2018



It’s reported from Sichuan Airlines that from January 13th, Sichuan Airlines would open a new direct flight from Chongqing to Boracay, Philippines. Only 4 hours passengers from Chongqing can arrive at Boracay. And it is the second non-stop flight offered by Sichuan Airlines from Chongqing to Philippines after the Chongqing-Cebu flight.

Direct Flight-from Chongqing to Boracay-1


The flight will be operated by an A320 aircraft, departing at every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Departure flight number is 3U8285, it takes off at 13:25 from Chongqing and lands at 17:20 in Boracay; return flight number is 3U8286, it takes off at 18:40 from Boracay and lands at 23:15 in Chongqing.

Direct Flight-from Chongqing to Boracay-2


Housed in the middle of Philippines, Boracay is honored as the “the most beautiful sea island in the world”“island with the most thin sand in the world ” and “one of the most beautiful sand beach in the world”. Its stunning sunset landscape by the sea is called the best around the world.

Direct Flight-from Chongqing to Boracay-3

Direct Flight-from Chongqing to Boracay-4

Direct Flight-from Chongqing to Boracay-5

From: Xinhua Net


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