Ecological Yubei District

06th April 2018


Attention! Attention! Chongqing gets an opportunity to display itself in front of national audience again! At 18:05, April 3rd, when you opened the CCTV-7 channel, a show called Countryside Tour of Gorgeous China -- Ecological Yubei District · Adventure Exploration was on air at the agriculture program. Why is Yubei District capable of showing in the national stage? Let’s start our adventure tour in ecological Yubei!

4月3日18:05,CCTV-7農業節目播出《美麗中國鄉村行——生態渝北· 尋奇之旅》,一起開啟在生態渝北尋找奇遇之旅。

If one tourist destination calls itself a large-scale comprehensive scenic spot, then there’re a lot of activities visitors are available to do. By providing film and television shoot, cultural tourism and leisure vacation, the Liangjiang International Movie City in Yubei District has stood out as a hot destination when talking about weekend holiday.




Yubei - such a gorgeous land with poetic mountains and rivers, where spring already pays her visit, is rich in tourism resource, including Tongjing Hot Spring, Longxing Ancient Town, pear blossoms of Fangniuping, plum blossoms of Tongjing and so on.



Situated in the valley of Tongjing Town, Yubei District, Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Area has long been honored as “Wulong Wonderland”by men of letters from generation to generation. The hot spring is surrounded by smoke mist and beautiful landscape with natural water; the Tongjing Three Gorges is made up of odd peaks and rocks, mountain spring and rushing waterfall; the deep and mysterious Ganying Cave; the Wentang River is blessed with cyan ripples...



Behind the reputation of Chongqing Historic and Cultural Ancient Town as well as Top 100 Chongqing Economic Town is an vintage place called Longxing Ancient Town which located in the southeast part of Yubei District. This town lies still along the riverbank of Yulin River, branch of Yangtze River, inheriting abundant cultural sites and beautiful nature view.



“As if suddenly the spring breeze blows, tens of thousands of pear trees bloom.”Spring breeze wakes up the pear garden with area of tens of mu in Fangniuping Scenic Spot.



Once the plum blossoms in Yinhe Village, Tongjing Town welcome the flower season, the whole mountain will be wearing the pure white outfit, looking as covered by snow in the distance.



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