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28th April 2018


When does the bus arrive and is there congestion ahead? According to Chongqing City Transportation Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd., this year the main urban districts will add 23 electronic bus stop boards to provide convenience for Chongqing people.


The 23 new electronic bus stop boards in the main urban districts are mainly installed on public traffic priority roads and high-traffic stations. They are located in Wulidian, Hongtudi, Dawan, Shuangxigou, Huanghuayuan Bridge North, Gongmao, Nanping South Road, Xiaojiawan, Daping, Majiabao, Xiejiawan and Wuhong Road.


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At the Huizhan Zhongxin (Exhibition Center) Station, an electronic bus stop board is already in place. Passengers can use it to see the bus lines passing through the station, the terminal of each line, and how many stations for each line to reach the Huizhan Zhongxin Station.



Is the road in front of you congested when you are in a bus? According to Chongqing City Transportation Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd., the station in the first-step bus is an LED screen display. The passengers will be able to see the road congestion between the station and the location of the buses of the line by the electronic screen next year. This also means that passengers can know if there is congestion in front of the vehicle in a bus.



At the same time, the traffic conditions and operating conditions of a bus line will also be fed back to the rear. The dispatcher can check the passenger waiting status of bus stations along the route, and adjust the departure interval to shorten the waiting time of passengers.


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