Enjoy a Grand Banquet in Rongchang

The 10th Rongchang Pig Day

6th February 2018



Recently, visitors from all walks, all gather in Wanling Ancient Town, Rongchang District, to enjoy a feast of pork - the 10th Rongchang Pig Day. Here they can not only buy Rongchang pork but also watch a fashion show showcasing ramie fabrics.

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The rainy day doesn’t cut down tourist’s enthusiasm for the venue was full of visitors early in the morning. After a traditional sacrificial ceremony, the feast of pork got into its stride by noon.


Panda-like pigs, the main ingredient for the feast of pork, are speciality of Rongchang which are fed by local crops. With on-stage fashion show themed by ramie fabrics and off-stage feast of pork combining, visitors immersed into the enjoyment both on the the eyes and the taste buds.

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The 100-table feast of pork is big enough to accommodate about a thousand people, which is even larger compared with the previous Pig Day. It’s easy to make it to this feast as online booking is also available this year.


It is said that, in addition to the sacrificial ceremony and 100-table feast of pork, visitors can also feast their eyes on fashion show themed by ramie fabrics, three “Rongchang treasures” and Running Pigs. It is a Spring Festival journey of fun, food and show.

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Travel Routes:
G-Series High-Speed Train: Chongqingbei Railway Station/Chengdu East Railway Station → Rongchangbei Railway Station → Bus 104/114 → 69
Motorcade/Class-III Passenger Station → Wanling Fudi
By Car: Chengdu/Chongqing (Chengdu – Chongqing Highway) → Rongchang highway intersection (turn round) → Wanling Fudi
Bus Line: Chengdu/Chongqing (Chengdu – Chongqing Highway) → Rongchang 69 Motorcade/Class-III Passenger Station → Wanling Fudi


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