Enjoy Your Spring Tour
in Mountain City

24th March 2018


Spring is the best season for outdoor activities. To provide public in Chongqing with better travel experience, recently the government held the 2018 Press Conference of Chongqing Spring Tourism and release almost 200 kinds of theme activities and routes products about tourism in spring, conducted by districts and counties in Chongqing. In hope of creating a fascinating spring in this mountain city.



Dianjiang: Peony Cultural Festival - see you tomorrow

墊 江:牡丹文化節明日開幕


By the opportunity of opening Peony Cultural Festival, Dianjiang is speeding up to build an international peony and cherry blossom 4A glass scenic area, with 140,000 peonies newly built. Not only make efforts to improve infrastructure and service facilities, to attract more tourists, Dianjiang also build peony world, cherry blossoms world, bean flower world and happy world...


Wulong: two theme activities await your visit

武 隆:兩大主題活動等你來


The Wulong Scenic spot has elaborately designed two theme activities for tourists, which are “Stepping into World Natural Heritage tour”and “Traveling, hiking and viewing flower in countryside tour”. As the names have signified, people can be shocked by how magic the World Natural Heritage is while conquered by the skillful product of nature when they visit the Fairy Mountain, Three Natural Bridges, Longshan Gorge Rife Valley, Guiyuan Art Agriculture Tourism Town and Cottonrose Hibiscus Cave.


Wushan: a beauty contest held by colorful flowers

巫 山:百花盛開 競相爭豔


The curtain of flower season in Wushan is officially pull open by the “1th Yangtze River Three Gorges (Wushan) Plum Blossom Opening Ceremony”. Wushan in March is a world of vivid green, with poetic landscape and comfortable climate. Except for plum blossom you can also see peach blossom, cherry blossom, rapeseed flowers and tulip...


Pengshui: style of Miao village, health maintenance in spring

彭水:苗鄉風情 春季養心


To full display the charm of spring in Pengshui,combined with “Pengshui, a Miao village”, three spring tour routes have been elaborately designed - garden hiking and sightseeing tour, Miao village style experience tour and health maintenance leisure tour.


Jiulongpo: enrich your eyeballs, live a full life

九 龍 坡:走馬觀花,美好生活


Sponsored by the Government of Jiulongpo District, the 2018 Jiulongpo Flower Admiration and Hiking Tour Season and the Zouma(Ancient Town) Flower Admiration Tourism Culture Festival were officially started from March 15th and will last until May. Due to the title of the only government-sponsored tourism festival that authorized by municipal government, it’s the most honored festival activity in Zouma Ancient Town with widespread public support and rich experience in regard of the 16 successfully hosted festivals before.


Xiushan: border town comes from the book, a city like painting

秀 山:書中邊城 畫裏秀山



On March 24th, Xiushan County will hold the 6th Qingxi Longfeng(Dragon and Phoenix) Flower Sea Culture and Tourism Activities, centering on “border town comes from the book, a city like painting”. On the opening day, the national singing and dancing concert will be launched at the scenic spot center. Qingxichang Town boasts rich cultural heritage, folk customs, natural resources, cultural heritage, and cultural landscape tourist attractions.

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