Experience Made in Chongqing

in Chongqing Industry Museum

30th January 2018



According to the government report from Dadukou District, Chongqing Industry Museum will be completed and open this year.

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Multiple experiential exhibition areas in the Museum


Chongqing Industry Museum is built on the former plant area of the Chongqing Iron and Steel Group after the Group moved. The Cultural and Creative Industry Park and Industrial Sites Park were built at the same time. The whole project is on the north side of parcel L28 of the Chongqing Iron and Steel area, covering an area of 96 mu and with gross floor area of 133,000 square meters.

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The planned area of Chongqing Industry Museum is 95 mu and the total building scale is about 110,000 square meters, including above-ground building area of 90,000 square meters, mainly transformed from an old factory building. After completion, the Park will include about 5,000 square meters in the main exhibition hall of the Industry Museum, 15,000 square meters industry exhibition hall and multiple experiential exhibition areas.


The area of the remaining old Iron and steel factory building is over 40,000 square meters, including the heavy steel rolling mill built in 1940, large main electrical room built around 1985, and other key buildings like the factory office building and canteen build in the 1980s, as well as three large smokestacks.

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Witness glorious history of “made in Chongqing”


At the museum, you can see an 8,000-horsepower steam engine manufactured in Britain in 1905, which is the most precious treasure of the museum. Chongqing is an old industrial city of China. The Chengdu-Chongqing railway and the first CQ260 military off-road vehicle were manufactured here. Of course, you can also see a Y-5 plane at the museum, which is China’s first-generation light versatile aircraft and manufactured by Chongqing Sanxia General Aviation Co., Ltd., the first private civil aviation business in China’s civil aviation history.

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You can also see the power device chain used by China’s first river-crossing passenger cableway – Chongqing Jialing River Cableway. For building this cableway, Chongqing mobilized all quality resources and talents in 1980 and took over one year to open this cableway. It operated for 29 years and transported passengers for more than 100 million person-times.

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