Fairy Mountain Scenic Area for Free
this Weekend!

14th March 2018


Exciting news from the Wulong Scenic Spot! To celebrate the “World Forest Day” on March 21st,Xiannvshan (Fairy Mountain) Scenic Area, the national 5A class scenic area, national forest park as well as the national geological park is going to be opened for free to tourists for three days, respectively on March 17th(Saturday), March 18th(Sunday) and March 21st(Wednesday).


It is located in Wulong County, a three hour drive from Chongqing. Known as the “Oriental Switzerland” it’s famous for its vast forests, distinguished peaks, grasslands and snow, which is rarely seen in Chongqing. With an annual average temperature of 20 ℃, it is a good summer retreat. In 1999 this area was granted National Forest Park status.


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Fairy Mountain, 5A scenic area, is a karst landform region with several important scenic spots. The most famous of which is Three Natural Bridges. In the valley below is “Tianfu Posthouse”, the only outdoor movie set for the “Curse of Golden Flower”.


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The Wulong Fairy Mountain National Forest Park, which belongs to the Wuling Mountains, is famous for its unique charm as a mountain grassland, a rare winter forestland snowfield in South China, and the breathtaking scenery of a breezy jungle. Fairy Mountain Ski Resort is currently the lowest latitude of its kind, and is the largest alpine skiing, sliding grassland, in China. Putting the ski field into operation has turned it into a collection of vacation, leisure travel, and sports, so that winter sports lovers are presented with more choices.


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Transportation: You can take direct bus at the Sigongli tourist distributing center to Fairy Mountain.
Price: 75 yuan/person


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