First Smart China Expo Will be held in Chongqing in August

31th July 2018


The Exhibitors for This Smart China Expo

Time: From 23rd to 25th August 2018

Venue: Chongqing EXPO

Price: Free Entry



With the theme of “Big data era: the development of intelligence industry", the expo is at the same time featured by its cutting-edge technological achievements through presenting conferences, exhibitions , competitions and other activities in order to present the professional and international platform for exchange and cooperation.



Ma Yun (Jack Ma), Ma Huateng (Pony Ma), Sun Pishu will attend this great Expo as guests



The Exhibitors of this Smart China Expo


About Smart China Expo Brief introduction of Conference

Big data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Intelligent manufacturing industry will be the hot issue in this conference. When the time comes, the organizer will invite domestic & foreign experts, the leaders from corporate champions in intelligent manufacturing industry to deliver a keynote speech, to have a dialogue with the most advanced ideas and products, to depict the trends and blueprint for the new development technology.

Concurrent Activities

During the Smart China Expo 7 Concurrent Forum sessions, 2 theme activities and 8 international forum as well as signing and series of news conference will be held by organizer


A series of Competitions will also be held simultaneously with the expo, including a driverless technology competition and Internet innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and CODA (Chongqing open data innovation application competition)

How to get there


Airport Lianglu direction

Bus line 685, get off at Chongqing Expo and with 3 mins walking

Sanxikou Beibei Direction:

Bus line 572, get off at Chongqing Expo and with 3 mins walking

Jiangbei Yuanyang Direction

By line 3 and transfer Expo line at Yuanyang station, and get off at Expo station with 3 mins walking

Contact Information

You can visit the official website of Smart china Expo

Or contact organizers of the Smart China Expo as below


023-60842601、19923311733 (Conference hotline)

023-60842623、60842609 (Exhibitor hotline)

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