Flourishing New Year

The 2th Spring Festival in Liangjiang Movie City

09th February 2018


Liangjiang International Movie City will hold the Second Spring Festival Fair from Feb 16 to Mar 2, bringing citizens an authentic local favor of the Spring Festival.

The fair includes five traditional activities of Spring Festival, 14 street performances, nine grand parades, and three indoor performances.

Flourishing New Year-1

Ren Cong, a manager of Liangjiang Movie City, said that the streets will be decorated with lanterns and festoons and the whole movie city will echo with the sound of gongs and drums, bustling with activities.

In addition, there will be traditional Spring Festival performance like lantern riddles guessing, stilt walk, and dragon and lion dance.

During the Spring Festival break, the admission fee of Liangjiang International Movie City will remain 20 yuan ($3.18) per person as usual. Tourists could take part in fair activities for free.

Flourishing New Year-2

Xie Bo, head of the Liangjiang International Movie City, said that the movie city was officially approved as a national 4A scenic spot after receiving rave reviews from visitors during its first year of operation.

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The movie city features a replica of six Chongqing main street blocks from the 1930s, containing over 220 historical buildings, as well as riverside neighborhoods featuring wooden houses and docks from the era, and sections of the city's ancient walls.

From: China Daily

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