Fly Above

Longgang Under Your Feet

10th January 2018



January 1, at the helicopter take-off point on "Two Rivers Square" of Yunyang new county , visitors are invited to participate in the Spring Festival sightseeing - "low-level experience tour." The new tourism project has been very popular since the introduction from New Year's Day holiday. It has transported over 1,300 tourists, of which the oldest is 91 years old and the youngest 5 years old.

Fly Above - Longgang Under Your Feet

為了深入推進三峽觀光旅遊,雲陽縣率先在三峽庫區引進輕便型直升機俯瞰風景名勝區專案,飛機為重慶通用航空公司恩斯特龍直升機,目前開通“張飛廟—三峽梯城 兩江移民風情遊”“岐山草場—天下龍缸 國家地質公園遊”兩條線路。

In order to further promote the Three Gorges sightseeing, Yunyang County took the lead in introducing portable helicopter to overlook the scenic spots in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. The aircraft belongs to Chongqing General Aviation Company, it’s an Enstrom Helicopter. At present, there’re "Zhang Fei Temple - The Three Gorges Ladder City: Two Rivers Immigration Style Tour" and" Qishan Pasture - World Longgang: National Geography Park Tour " two lines.


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