Garden Expo Light Show

Fall in Fairy Tale Land

17th January 2018


Organized jointly by Chongqing Daily Media Group and Chongqing Garden Expo, the light show officially started at 6 pm on Jan 1 in Chongqing Garden Expo Park, in preparation for the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival. A total of 51 sets of lights in the park combine the show, which is the result of a month's worth of meticulous, pain-staking work from a group of 110 talented artisans.


Garden Expo Light Show-1

The show's opening was attended by thousands of citizens eager to catch a glimpse of the park's beauty. The park seemed to fall asleep in tranquil during dark night, until the lights are lit all at once, spectators are thrown into a glowing wonderland of lanterns and inflatable sculptures.


The "auspicious dog praying for luck" in the main square is the highlight of the show, as he blesses each visitor with good tidings and a happy new year. Red takes up most area of it, standing for the traditional Spring Festival custom- jollification and lucky. The lively music, koi fish, lanterns, camellia, and Chinese knot combine to create a distinct atmosphere of warmth and familiarity that perfectly encapsulates the Chinese Spring Festival.

Garden Expo Light Show-2


Lighting arrangements like "Chongqing scenery" and "Swan Lake" demonstrate the resplendent scenery and unique character of Chongqing. The exquisite craftsmanship leaves visitors in complete awe.

Garden Expo Light Show-3

Garden Expo Light Show-4

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At night, visitors enjoy an endless maze of lights, while during the day they can relax with some traditional folk performances and an expansive array of local delicacies. The park is open from January 1 to March 4, and a ticket costs 30 yuan ($4.62) per person. This includes access for both day and night.

Garden Expo Light Show-6


The park is easy to get to, passengers can take Line 3 or Line 5 on the light rail and get off at Garden Expo Park station, or take buses 559/575/633/676/883/965.



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