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Another 4A Scenic Area In Chongqing

28th November 2017



Another good news! Be attention, another tourist attraction in Chongqing joins in the national 4A-level group! Learn from the relevant departments, Chongqing Liangjiang International Movie City has reached the requirements of the national 4A-level scenic area standards both on hardware and software. Recently it is announced to be a national 4A-level tourist attraction.

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Liangjiang International Movie City is not only a place for movie lovers, but a large-size scenic ara integrating filming, cultural tour, leisure vacation and historical sightseeing. It can easily trumps other scenic area in convenient traffic-20 minutes’ drive from the airport and half of an hour’s drive from Downtown Chongqing.


Since 2012, the scenic area has successively rehabilitated nearly 6 historical districts, such as Zourong Road and Minquan Road, as well as more than 160 buildings during the Republic of China, such as The Monument of Victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, Qun Lin Market, Hendly Watch, Cathay Theater, Du Yuesheng Mansion and Sunya Kafe.More than 5 million tourist visit Liangjiang International Movie City after the second opening in 2017 at New Year's Day, making it the nationwide "modern historical and cultural tourist destination."

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The Monument of Victory of the War of Resistance against Japan:“The Monument of Victory of the War of Resistance against Japan was originally a spiritual fortress. As the war against Japanese Invasion broke out across China, Nationalist Government relocated its capital to Chongqing. In order to mobilize the mass to fight against Japanese Invasion, a monument-shaped building that implies the spirit to follow through the fight against Japanese Invasion was built in 1941.”

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Qunlin Market:“It is recorded in Record of Yuzhong Commerce and Trade that Qunlin Market’s former site was exclusively used as a market for domestic industrial goods for daily use. At the beginning of 1940s, the market was bombed by the Japanese bombers for which the owner went bankrupt.  Kang Xingru, president of Meifeng Bank, purchased the ruins and funded in the construction of a new tower which was completed at the end of that year. ”

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Cathay Theater: Cathay Theater was built in 1937. Before that, the site of the theater had been a private residence of Zhao Juxu, a member of gentry in Sichuan. At that time, Xia Yunhu, a cultural businessman, run the theater by raising money. Functioned as both a cinema and a drama theatre, the theater was mainly for showing films. So the theater was the largest comprehensive theater in the provisional capital Chongqing during the period of Anti-Japanese War.”

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Du Yuesheng Mansion:“After the outbreak of the Pacific War in December, 1941, Du Yuesheng, the head of Shanghai Qingbang (the mob), moved to Chongqing and built a villa with a combination of Chinese and Western elements on Nan Mountain, with a site area of over 200m2. He gave his orders from here and spent his time through the years of the war against Japanese Invasion.”

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Sunya Kafe:Sunya Kafe is modern with romantic and exotic atmosphere, in which, people had coffee and enjoyed exotic and elegant flavor. It has been rumored that Kong Lingjun, who was a remarkable figure in urban area of Chongqing and the second daughter of Kong Xiangxi [the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister during the Republic of China (1912-1949)], often went to the café to kill time. Xu Zhongqi, the Chongqing Police Chief, once had a brush with Kong Lingjun because of his smirting. Kong severely slapped him on his face and then walked away. The story sprung up many discussions in Chongqing.”

A Travel Guide for Weekends of Liangjiang New Area: 來源:重慶日報

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