Good News! Wushan airport will be put into operation next year!

05th July 2018


The steel structure of its terminal buildings and other foundation works are completed, and Wushan Airport is taking shape. The concrete pavement construction has already started. The roof of the terminal station should be competed by this end of the month. And the airport is scheduled to begin operation in 2019.


Airline investment is currently in full swing, with aims to operate 2 flight routes for the airport's maiden flight, adding more routes later, including Wushan to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Kunming, Guiyang, and more.

About Wushan Airport, Chongqing

Construction on the airport began in October of 2015,And it has already been listed as a key project in Chongqing. After completion, it will give travelers a close look of the Three Gorges

The new airport is a 4C feeder-line airport and has been designed to handle up to 280,000 passengers and 1,200 tonnes of cargo by 2020. It will have one runway and one contact road with the length of 2,600 M and 165 M respectively. The tarmac will accommodate 5 flights, a 3500 M2 terminal, one tower, a 700 M2 airline management office, and various other facilities.


Traveling in Wushan

Three Gorges/Small Three Gorges


Route:  No. 9 wharf, Chaotianmen - The Three Gorges - Madu Lake landing- transfer Wupengchuan (boat with dark awning) to visit Small Three Gorges - Cruise back
Duration is about 4 hours 
Operating hours: 8:00-17:30. (ticket office closes at 14:00)
Departure times: 8:30- 15:00 (the timetable is not fixed)

Dangyang Valley


Route: self-driving to Pinghe Resort Hotel from Wushan County, after the local diner, heading to Dangyang Valley, enjoy the magnificent waterfalls, mountains and valleys.
Duration : 2-3 hours

Delicacies in Wushan 

Wushan roast fish


Spicy dry pot


Welcome to Wushan!

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