Heads Up And Read Some Poems

A total of 40 poems take a ride on Line3

14th December 2017



I bet you can’t count too many large-sized cities that don’t rely on subway or railway. Without them, lots of modern people will still be trapped in traffic jam.

IKEA teams from Japan turns subway into a warm living room, making passengers feel at home. While Swedish put a lot effort to build subway station into an art gallery.


“To seek a dream? Just to pole a boat upstream
To where the green grass is more verdant
Overloaded with a boat of starlgiht
I sing aloud in the splendour of starlight.”

Widely praised verses from Xu Zhimo’s classic poem Saying Good-bye To Cambridge Again suddenly appears on Line 3 without reminder.

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On the morning of December 6, citizens noticed that inside an eight cars railway, advertisements were replaced by touching poetry. Apart from Chinese and English versions, all of them are matched up with appropriate background paintings.

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According to acknowledgement, British Council has brought out “Poetry On The Metro” along with Chongqing Rail Transit (Group), supported by Chongqing Municipal Culture Commission and Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government.

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Peotry On The Metro helps make journeys more stimulating and inspiring by showcasing 40 British and Chinese poems in the metro space across China. It highlights classic contemporary and international work, with the theme of ‘youth’, written by both famous and relatively less famous young British and Chines poets. It is part of UK’s spirit of Youth campaign. ”

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這次登上列車的詩歌共有40首。其中,中文詩歌和英文詩歌各20首。這些詩歌不僅有莎士比亞、雪萊、李白、杜甫、徐志摩等文學名家的作品,也有中英兩國嶄露頭角的“80後”青年詩人,如薩拉·豪(Sarah Howe),絲絨隕等。

A total of 40 poems take a ride on Line3, half Chinese and half British. Passengers could catch a glimpse of Shakespeare, Shelley, and Li Bai, Dufu, Xu Zhimu... or newly-discovered poets like Sarah Howe and Sirongyun.

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Maybe you would meet up with the lines from Scattered Phrases by the young Chongqing poet Zhang Yin - How to break up with life? Just like sunset glow, gradually covered by clouds.


The railway loaded with poems is doomed to close in December 31. Give yourself a little break and immerse into literature on No. 59 Line 3 this month.

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