Hello Melbourne!

On 1st November, Austrilia, the first air line from Chongqing to Melbourne landed off. After 10 hours and 10 minutes, the plane that crossed Asia to Oceania arrived successfully, becoming the third city in Oceania that could fly right from Chongqing, along with Sydney and Auckland.

So far, up to 68 international air lines have been carried out in Chongqing, among which includes 54 passenger lines and 14 cargo lines, covering 4 continents, 22 countries and 52 cities. With the ambitious plan of opening air lines to Paris, Brisbane, St Petersburg and etc, Chongqing is completing the international air routes network.

Liu Qi, the Director of Chongqing Tourism Bureau Met With Mr. Komatsu, the Japanese Consul General in Chongqing and His Delegation

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