How to Keep Chongqing a Hot Tourism City
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11th May 2018


The amazing tourists number in Hongyadong causes serious transportation jam in May Day has been a hit topic on the Internet. And those pictures in which people stand shoulder to jaw went viral these days. "Net red Chongqing" became a "dark horse" in the national tourism market,attracting public’s sight in this year's "May Day" holiday, with visitors received and tourism revenue increased by 21.6%, 30.5%.




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However, the overly large amount of tourists have also put individual scenic spots under stressful situation. So many districts like Yuzhong, Shapingba, Yubei, and Jiulongpo decided to turn it into an opportunity, they will fully initiate the upgrade of scenic spots and attractions, improve tourism facilities, improve service levels, and strengthen comprehensive improvement, to create a safe, comfortable and satisfactory travel environment for visitors .


Speed up the upgrade in “Net Red”Scenic Spots


Hongyadong: Add a group of tourism toilets and travel signs



Be known as the realistic version of Spirited Away, Hongyadong jumps into the top place among the the hottest tourist attractions during May Day. The influx of tourists has brought the scenic spot’s upgrade project to the agenda.


At present, the scenic area has begun to increase safety facilities and transportation means, invest more on environmental health investment, build up a number of tourism toilets and travel signs, strengthen tourist guidance, improve service quality, to enhance the comfort and experience of tourists .


Liziba Light Rail Station: Build a viewing platform and set up transportation facilities



"Light rail through the building" is another “Net Red” spot. However, this place is not a true tourist attraction as a result of the lack of tourism reception function, when too many tourists stay together, it’s easily to cause congestion.


In response to this problem, Yuzhong District is coordinating with the relevant municipal departments in the design and improvement of the Liziba light rail station viewing platform program. The project will be started as soon as possible to facilitate the tourist experience.


At the same time, a new batch of transportation facilities has been set up to solve the problem of mixed traffic of people and vehicles and parking of tourist buses. A group of ornamental plants such as bougainvillea has been newly planted on the slope slope opposite the viewing platform.


Yangtze River Cableway: Bring out ticket purchase service to reduce queue time



“Queuing for 3 hours to experience 4 minutes” reflects the popularity of the Yangtze River Cableway while at the other hand it highlights the need for strengthening organization and management.


In order to reduce the wait time for tourists to wait in line, from May 2 onwards, the scenic area has opened an appointment booking service. After a successful booking, visitors can enter the “reservation channel” to take the Yangtze River Cableway without having to queue.


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