Impressive Wulong Will Come Back to Stage

on March

03th March 2018


According to the Wulong District, a large-scale live performance of "Impression Wulong"(印象武隆) directed by "iron triangle" actor team -- Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue will be restaged on March 3 after the winter closed-end performance.


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Taking the National-level intangible cultural heritage Chuanjiang Haozi (chants of the boat trackers) as clue, Impression Wulong concentrates the essence of Bayu Millennium Culture. In just 70 minutes, the local cultures such as Huagan, hot pot, boat tracker, marrying and filial piety will be displayed, from which the visitors can experience the family affection, fervent love as well as the rustic nostalgia.


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A large-scale, all-around, multi-level maintenance and upgrade will be carried out on the choreography, lighting, audio, costumes, stage property, ancillary facilities and equipment of Impression Wulong. Three highlights of the restaged Impression Wulong will be revealed: world-class 3D naked eye lighting system; the domestic first-class design of choreography; the excellent Bayu cultural classic shows directed by famous actors.





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