Less than 9 hours, New CRH route opens from Chongqing to Zhuhai!

13th August 2018


Breaking news

The long-awaited CRH (China Railway High-speed) route route from Chongqing to Zhuhai has opened lately.


It means that the CRH train is another option for travelers to choose when they want to go to Zhuhuai and Macau. Also, the new route ends the history without direct train from Southwestern area to Zhuhai city. Now the days of walk around while eating is just around the corner You ready?


With the comfortable seats and lower price than airplanes,the timetable and ticket price please find it blow

Train number: CRH D1841
Departure time: 8:31 AM from Chongqing
Arrival time: 16:52 PM ZHUHAI
Total time: 8hours and 52mins
Ticker Price: First Class: 717RMB
Second Class: 462.5RMB


Besides Zhuhai, this train is also bound for Zhunyi, Guiyang, Guilin,Foshan,Guangzhou, Zhongshan and other popular tourist cities.

Also if you have more inquiries regarding this You can visit the official website of 12306 to find more information Now, there is one CRH ticket you need to connect you to Zhuhai, Macau.

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