Let’s Celebrate!

The Hot Spring Day!

6th January 2018


Let’s Celebrate!


In summer we swim. In winter we bath. As January pays her visit, citizens can’t help but hiding inside their clothes deeper and deeper, that’s when hot spring stands out as a popular option for tourism. “Capital of Hot Spring”- more and more people are aware of the good reputation of mountain city Chongqing. With countless hot spring resources await further exploration, the government has made up its mind to join hands and build up the first “World’s Capital of Hot Spring”. To achieve the ambitious goal a lot of efforts need to be done, first step is establishing “Chongqing Hot Spring Tourism Day”, then setting up an international organization concerned of global hot spring tourism, after that there will host an world hot spring tourism development conference.


The oldest hot spring in the world - Beibei District Chongqing


According to some history materials, as early as Nanbei Dynasty, North Hot Spring has been built up, that’s 468 years ahead of Gero Onsen in Japan, old enough to be the ancestor of no matter which one you can find in the earth. Apart from rich culture, North Hot Spring is accompanied by compassing historic sites, such as temples from Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, ancient hot springs, and celebrities’ residences.


Capable of accommodating 400,000 people each day


As a city of landscape, Chongqing is not only surrounded by scenery like rivers and mountains, but also riches in world-class hot spring geothermal resources. Recording to the statistics, more than 146 hot spring mine points have been proven, the recoverable geothermal water amount counts up to 560 million cubic meters, and the scientific exploitation is 400,000 cubic meters per day.


It is understood that in the next three years, there will be 60 open hot spring scenic spots. By then, whether in the Downtown, or Southeast Chongqing area , Northeast Chongqing area and Western Chongqing area, visitors won’t take too much time finding an ideal place to warm themselves up.


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