Let It Go‖New Playground, Feel Young!

28th November 2017



On the morning of the 26th, Fengjie County launched the Third Winter Tourism Ice And Snow Season. Up to 1900 meters above sea, Maocaoba Ski Field officially is opened to the public. Maocaoba Ski Field, located in the Xinglong Town Travel Circle Line(Swan Pool section), Fengjie County, covers an area of 60,000 square meters.

Let It Go‖New Playground, Feel Young!-1

Let It Go‖New Playground, Feel Young!-2


It is an ideal vacation and tourist skiing wonderland, which turns into snow-capped every winter, thanks to its idyllic scenery, comfortable climate and adequate snowfall. Snow doesn’t hide itself, instead nearly 10,000 mu (6,666,666 square kilometers) area are covered with snow, lasting up to 90 days. One thing especially attractive is that Maocaoba set itself as the"Youngest and most stylish equipped" ski resort in eastern Chongqing area] Eastern Chongqing Erea.

Let It Go‖New Playground, Feel Young!-3

Let It Go‖New Playground, Feel Young!-4

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