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Fly For“Free” In This Snowfield!

28th November 2017


賞漫天雪景、感受雪地飛馳、體驗冰雪運動樂趣……2018年1月6日,位於重慶石柱縣冷水鎮的“Let's go遊樂世界”將開門迎客。該滑雪場試營業期間(1月6日至1月31日)門票免費,滑雪專案8折優惠。

Enjoy the white sky full of snow, feel the speeding in ice world and experience the fun of snow sports ... ... January 6, 2018, located in Lengshui Town, Shizhu County, "Let's go Amusement World" will open up. During the trial operation (From January 6 to January 31) free tickets, visitors are offered with free ticket at ski resort and 20% discount at ski items.

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據瞭解,Let’s go遊樂世界總體規劃面積6000餘畝,其中冰雪運動場地面積10萬平方米,滑具大廳8000餘平方米,可同時接納5300名遊客參與滑雪滑草運動。

It is said that Let's go Amusement World covers a total planning area of more than 6,000 mu (4,000,000 square meters) of which the ice sports field occupies 100,000 square meters and the sliding hall occupies 8,000 square meters. 5,300 tourists are able to participate in skiing and grass skiing at the same time.

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"In winter tourists can enjoy skiing, rolling snow circle, experience snow UFO, snow tanks, snowmobiles and other interesting sports." said the people in charge. The ice sports field is separated into Snow Play Park, Snow Circle Area and the Primary Ski Road, Intermediate Road, Advanced Road and other regions. The Primary road is 195 meters long and 60 meters wide. In spring and summer it turns into a golf training field, summer and autumn. The Intermediate road is 260 meters long and 60 meters wide. It is a dry skiing road in spring, summer and autumn. The Advanced road is 320 meters long, 40 meters wide and 18 degrees, fully meeting the requirements for national skiing competition . Not only a playground for public to enjoy the fun of skiing, but also it will become training base, and stadium for a large number of professionals.

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At the same time, the amusement park is going to host the “First Chongqing Ice Sports Festival”, inviting the public to enjoy the fun of ice sports.


It is understood that, in order to provide tourists with more comfortable experience, the scenic area has been making efforts to improve the supporting facilities into a more detailed and thoughtful level. Nearly 3,000 sets of personal skiing equipment are available for the amusement world's sliding lobby, as well as dedicated ski coaching staff to serve tourists. Under the help of 16,000 square meters large distribution plaze, visitors won’t be stuck altogether. In addition, the scenic area built a parking area measuring to 6,500 square meters, with nearly 400 parking places to meet the needs of parking.

Travel tips:
  Let's go遊樂世界門票:60元/人(試營業期間免費);滑雪120元/小時(試營業期間8折優惠)
Let’s go Amusement World ticket: 60 yuan / person (free during trial operation ); Skiing: 120 yuan / person (20% discount during trial operation )
Drive:Downtown-Huyu (ShanghaiChongqing) Highway-Heyuan Upper Road-Lenshui Town-Shuangba Village
Bus: Chongqing-Shizhu (High-speed Rail)-Lenshui(bus)

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