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01th May 2018


This year, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development plans to conduct seven major missions.


First of all, focus on the special work of “Chongqing, a city with mountains and rivers, develops after civilization”. Second, further innovate and improve the propaganda and guidance of civilized tourism. The third is to take notice of the propaganda and guidance of non-team tourists. The fourth is to persevere in promoting the "toilet revolution" in the scenic area. The fifth is to carry out in depth the "Fulfill civilization· A more cleaner Chongqing" action. Sixth, they will further promote the comprehensive improvement of the tourism environment in the whole city. At last, strengthen the training and management of tourism professionals.


Qin Dingbo, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, summed up the results of the key work last year.


1. Grasp positive propaganda.


Make good use of key periods, they have took advantage of all kinds of media, especially online media, increase civilized tourism, safe tourism, and rational tourism propaganda, carried out civilized notifications, civilization reminders, civilized advice, and deepened civilized tourism volunteer services. In addition, there were more than 4 million yuan invested to carry out civilized tourism text messages to remind tourists when they enter Chongqing.


Level the Quality of Tourism Service Better Travel Experience-1

2. Grasp the environmental improvement.


Level the Quality of Tourism Service Better Travel Experience-2

Formulate relevant regulations and fully participate in the special work of "Fulfill civilization· A more cleaner Chongqing" action. Strengthen hygiene clearance, order maintenance, toilet management, improve accept and handle collection system fro complaints and and negative emotion. The year-on-year acceptance of various types of travel complaints dropped by 37.45%.


3. Grasp facilities enhancement.


Level the Quality of Tourism Service Better Travel Experience-3

Continue to grasp the "toilet revolution" in tourism, invest accumulated 932 million yuan, and 2,546 various types of tourist toilets were built. Successfully created one national 5A-level scenic spot, and another three scenic spots have entered the final sprint phase of creating 5A level scenic spots. 79 urban tourist bus routes were opened, and 6 city-level tourism distribution centers were built.


4. Grasp typical demonstration.


Level the Quality of Tourism Service Better Travel Experience-4

In conjunction with the Municipal Civilization Office, etc., they launched the “Finding the models for civilized tourism in rural Chongqing” and rated 40 villages, 20 towns (streets), 40 practitioners, 40 farmhouses (shops) and 20 “most beautiful tourist volunteers”,launched the “Eco-civilization Tourist Hotel” activity, and 10 star-rated hotels were awarded ecological civilization hotels.


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