Light up the Spring Festival

in Yuzhong

21th January 2018



“When lights are on, suddenly you feel as if walking in paradise, Chongqing looks gorgeous under lighting decorations for welcoming Spring Festival’s arrival.”recently, citizens find their WeChat Moments page are occupied by lighting decorations for Spring Festival’s arrival. With scarlet lanterns and white, yellow light strips hanging on trees in Zhongshan Fourth Rd and Heping Rd, whole Yuzhong District is covered by rich Spring Festival atmosphere, attracting many walkers to stop and catch a photo of the stunning view.

Light up the Spring Festival-1


Most lightings have been turned on in Zhongshan Fourth Rd

Light up the Spring Festival-2


A citizen grabs the phone out and takes pictures

Light up the Spring Festival-3

樹上掛滿了發光的“柿子 ”

Sparkling “persimmons” hang on the tree


On both sides outside the door opening of Tongyuanmen ancient ramparts, a glimmer fusion of hundreds of red lanterns and white lighting strips sparkles the dark night. “恭(Gong)賀(He)新(Xin)春(Chun)”(Wish you the best Spring Festival) painted on the lantern build up happy, lively and stylish festival atmosphere along with the Chinese Zodiac elements.

Light up the Spring Festival-4


A delivery man is driving through the Tongyuanmen

Light up the Spring Festival-5


Lighting decorations in Jiaochangkou turn


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