“Light” up your life

30th December 2018


The beat place for those who like to take selfies! 喜歡拍照的朋友們看過來!重慶新增了一個拍照打卡地!

8 major art works "light" up the Chongqing Tiandi area

8大藝術裝置驚豔亮相 歡迎“光”臨 重慶天地

“Light” up your life-1

“Light” up your life-2

Until the end of January 2019, fascinating light art create an amazing atmosphere in Chongqing Tiandi.


“Light” up your life-3

“Light” up your life-4

At the main gate, the ball-shaped waterfall lamp, which is about 27 meters high, pours down from the roof top and looks very eye-catching.


“Light” up your life-5

“Light” up your life-6

The flower tunnel is intertwined with layers of light. When you step in, it seems like you are time traveling in a sci-fi movie.


On the Romantic Square, five 6-8-meter-high hot air balloons, together with cloud shaped lighting, fill the night sky wonderfully.


“Light” up your life-7

A warm and lively atmosphere around the popular Tiandi clock tower is also decorated by lanterns and different shades of lights.


Touch the "Light" by joining various of activities

多項豐富活動 讓你與“光”親密接觸

“Light” up your life-8

“Light” up your life-9

During the holiday season, Chongqing Tiandi will also bring you many activities such as family theme DIY, A New Year's market, weekend photo-painting photography, the light art exhibition, and chances to win movie tickets to help bring the joy of the festive season to all!


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