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17th July 2018


The “top-of-the-world” feeling you get as you float through thin air, dangling from nothing but a single swaying wire strung to the top is exhilarating. Although the ride may only last five minutes, the views from high above the fjords, mountains, and even the iconic city landmarks, are worth every cent. Here are some incredible cable car experiences, along with tips for making the most of your time in this city.

First Cable car in Chongqing

More than 30 years ago, Chongqing built China's first cross-river passenger cableway, the Jialingjiang River Cableway. Soon afterwards, the “Yangtze River Ropeway” was also opened, which greatly facilitated travel between the Nan'an District and the Yuzhong Peninsula. It has since become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Chongqing.


Yangtze River Cable car

Built in Mar, 1986 and opened in Oct, 1987 as a primary commuting option for locals, taking them across the river in just four or five minutes, it is nicknamed the “airbus” of the city. This cable car is China's first large cross-river passenger cableway, offers a breathtaking view, and now has become the business card for Chongqing.

Xipo Cablecar, Mount Jinfo

It was officially opened in July, 2009 and is the only road from the western slope of Mount Jinfo to the scenic spot at its peak. It runs 2,700 meters at a speed of up to 6 meters/second. The views of the surrounding mountains are spectacular but looking down from the cable car brings a complete surprise.

Wuling Mountain Great Rift Valley Wuling Taidou Cableway

The Wuling Mountain Great Rift Scenic Area boasts of “Wuling Taidou” cableway, which is called “the steepest in Asia.” The standard climbing angle of the world’s highest reciprocating ropeway is 45 degrees but this one, which reaches 42.6 degrees with a vertical drop height of about 360 meters and a length of 634 meters, is nothing to sneeze at. This cableway has strong transportation capacity and a much-appreciated value.

Huangyan Tourist Cable car, Mount Wu

See a handful of Mount Wu’s scenes all in one ride on this 731 meter cable car route. It is the first one in Mount Wu and offers all the views of Fairy Peak, ensuring that every passenger gets equal time to take in views in every direction without turning back.

Furongjiang River Cable car

Thanks to the Furongjiang Cable car, millions of people have been to the top of the mountain. The Furongjiang River Cableway has a length of nearly 1.88 kilometers and an almost-vertical drop of 66 meters. Dangling, you feel like you’re flying through the clouds while overlooking the beautiful scenery of the river.


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