Mobile Payment for Bus in Chongqing Will be Available Next Year

01th August 2018


Since this year, Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other cities have launched mobile payment service for bus.

So when can we have Chongqing’s smart transportation? For citizens, when can we take full advantage of this convenient life by receiving fares via mobile in bus and metro?

It’s noted by Payeast Company in recent days that it’s expected to be at least in January next year. And all buses in the main urban areas of Chongqing are expected to be charged by mobiles.


Progress status

In 2013, the Chongqing monthly pass are in cooperation with Ching Telecom, to launch the esurfing monthly pass. The passengers can tap the mobile to the reader, but this service is only available for the people who have the Telecom e-surfing card. Right now, the new mobile payment system is under development.


The Chongqing monthly pass will full take advantage of NFC function of Mobile phone. It is a high-speed short-range wireless communication technology, which can identify compatible devices and data switching in a short distance.


Through NFC, passengers can bind their phone to their monthly pass, thus realizing the dream of mobile payment.   

The NFC is, as noted, currently available for most of Android mobile phone users. But, in the mainland od China, we still have difficulties in using it.


At the same time, NFC of iPhone is not open to the third party currently. So maybe for the iPhone users, it’s a disappointed news.

Given this circumstance, for those phones that are not compatible with NFC, users can pay fares by scanning QR codes with Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay on their mobile phone in the future.

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