More Flights Added in Chongqing Airlines
Travel Season

29th March 2018


From March 25th, all the civil aviation in China have entered the summer - autumn season. News from Chongqing Airlines said that with the implementation of the new summer - autumn schedule plan, they have optimized and adjusted the departure time of some flights. There will be 8 newly-opened round-trip routes such as Chongqing - Hu Chi Minh and Chongqing - Pu’er, and several restored airlines such as Chongqing - Zhengzhou - Harbin, Chongqing - Hengyang - Fuzhou and other domestic routes. Over 560 flights will be serving the passengers every week after the season exchange, providing more convenience for travelling.



Restore several domestic flights


After the summer - autumn season exchange, Chongqing Airlines will continue to invest in popular tourist routes of Yunnan, opening a new round flight OQ2029/30 (CZ8029/30) connecting Chongqing and Pu’er, which takes off at Chongqing at 07:25 and arrive in Pu'er at 09:25 and the return trip will take off in Pu'er at 10 : 10 finally arrive in Chongqing at 12:00. At the same time, Dali-Kunming, Dali-Pu'er and other round routes will be put into operation.



By then, Chongqing Airlines is expected to own 7 flight destinations in Yunnan Province, and 70 flights will depart from Dali per week, providing travelers with more convenient travel experience in the above areas.



In addition to the above popular tourist routes, Chongqing Airlines will also open a daily direct flight from Chongqing to Xiamen. It’s planed to departure at 19:45 and land at 22:20 in Xiamen.



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