Nanshan Cherry Blossom Festival
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16th March 2018


Spring is returning! Huge crowds of people come to Nanshan Botanical Garden. The Nanshan Cherry Blossom Festival has officially opened to welcome people who come to enjoy a spring outing.

春天來了!絡繹不絕的遊客前往南山植物園。 南山櫻花節正式開幕,歡迎前來享受美好春光的人們。

The Cherry Blossom Festival will last for two months. There are about 3,000 cherries of more than 30 varieties in Chongqing Nanshan Botanical Garden, generally divided into “early” cherry and “late” cherry. Different varieties of cherry will blossom from late February to early April. Among them, there are more than 600 plants of Japanese early cherry newly introduced, such as Huachun Hanying (Chumeiren), Qiwengying, Liuqiu Feiying, and Bachong Hanfeiying. They were introduced in the western region and have been concentrated in the cherry viewing attractions of Zaoying Baochun, Shuian Chunhan and Zaoying Dadao.


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The new attractions are located at the front gate, the exhibition greenhouse to the cherry blossom square. In order to provide a more perfect viewing garden for tourists, it not only increased the variety but also expanded the scope of cherry planting. In addition, the traditional cherry blossoms of Nanshan are also delicately pretty. Among them are Century Cherry Blossoms King (located in the Camellia Garden) and the extremely rare green cherry blossoms.


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At the same time as the Cherry Blossom Festival, there is also the Chongqing City Flower (Camellia) Festival. As the City Flower Festival of Chongqing will be opened soon, tens thousands of camellias are beginning to blossom. Visitors can enjoy more than 700 varieties of camellia, such as Sichuan tea, Yunnan tea, Fujian tea and foreign tea in the camellia garden of more than 100 mu. Among them, there are more than 1000 plants of camellia with a hundred year history.


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At Ancient Camellia Garden , there are several tea trees more than 350 years old. With ancient and twisted branches, the full blossoms of camellias, it really creates a wonder. On February 8, 2012, the Camellia Garden of Nanshan Botanical Garden was awarded the “International Outstanding Camellia Garden” by 27th International Camellia Convention Council. There are 40 gardens in the whole world and only 5 in China which have won this honor.


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