Need-to-know for Viewing Flowers

In Guangyang Island

10th March 2018


Time for viewing the flower: According to the flowering phase of the rapeseed flowers in Guangyang Island, the time for viewing flowers in 2018 falls on March 5, 2018 - March 31, 2018.


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Approach to the island:

Due to the fact that Guangyang Island is currently under overall planning with uncompleted infrastructure construction, and various security signage signs are missing with potential safety hazards, in order to protect the ecological environment, the safety of tourists and create a better tourism atmosphere, the scenic spot will arrange a temporary parking lot in the gorges port where social vehicles can park during the blooming period (including about 5,000 car parking spaces and charge according to the relevant regulations).


因廣陽島目前處於整體規劃中,基礎設施建設尚未完工,各項安全標識標牌不齊,存在安全隱患。為保護生態環境,保障遊客安全,營造更好的觀花氛圍,觀花期間社會車輛統一停放在峽口岸線臨時停車場(停車場車位約 5000 個,收費標準按相關規定執行)。

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Citizens can get in the island with following ways:

1. Walking into the island for free (Tips: unilateral walk is about 7 km);
2. Paid services for riding the ferry cars. Charges: one-way 10 yuan / person, round trip 20 yuan / person. Stop site:
3 stations halfway in total (of which 2 for entering the island, 1 for leaving the island).



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