Oil painting exhibition of Houbao chuan’s in Testbed 2

02th June 2018


On 24th June , the Hou Baochuan Oil Painting Landscape Works Appreciation exhibition  has been held in Wenchuang creative and cultural Park, also called as Eling Testbed 2. 

In this exhibition you can see the latest oil paintings of Hou Baochuan, who as a vice president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. It’s said The exhibition will be free to the public until June 30th.

The Themes of this exhibition are divided into four parts: “spring”, “summer”, “autumn” and “win-ter”. 

After enjoying the show, it gives the feeling like they have passed all the four seasons in Daliang Mountain. 

Hou Baochuan, the organizer, who was born in Chengdu, and use the Daliang Mountain as the theme for his life in these decades. He said "Liangshan is kind of belongs to my second hometown." because of his father’s work transfer, he went to Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture with his family  at the age of about 1 year old and lived there for more than decades.


Time: 24th -30th June
Venue: Eling Testbed  Wenchuang creative and cultural Park
Price: Free entry
Exhibition: Hou Baochuan Oil Painting Landscape Works Appreciation Exhibition

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