Old Chongqing Hidden in Back Street

Upcoming Chongqing Memory Museum

6th February 2018



Flourishing and bustling, Ciqikou Street leave most people with impression like that. While if you step further into the Ciqikou back street, Ma’anshan peak stands still with a special atmosphere of tranquil and now a special wooden architecture. Through the streets and up the stairs, Chongqing Memory Museum awaits your visit.

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Housed at Ciqikou back street, Chongqing Memory Museum is doomed to meet its first patch of visitors just before the Spring Festival, when they are luckily provided with an opportunity to touch the historical memories of old Chongqing, and produce coarse porcelain by their own.


Within the exhibition hall, miniatures of stilted buildings and old teahouses are ingenious and unique.

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The museum staff said that the story-telling house and teahouse are the best places to enjoy folk art from the past. The old theater has evolved from the story-telling house and teahouse. According to research, there were more than 100 teahouses in Ciqikou during the Anti-Japanese War period. There are many varieties of plays shown in teahouses, Sichuan opera sit singing (playing drums), Chuanqu Qingyin and Sichuan Zhuqin (Daoqin).

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Ciqikou is also famous for porcelain. The Jiang family is the originator of Shapingyao porcelain. Jiang's bowl factory in Qingcaopo has lasted eight generations from Kangxi years. By the old photographs of former porcelain pieces exhibited in museum, audiences can feel the long history of the family art.


Currently, the museum is finishing preparations for the exhibition so it will be ready before the Spring Festival. Next to the museum, the handmade porcelain experience area "Chongqing Cichang" will also be open during the Spring Festival.

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Scaled-down version of stilted building.

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Teahouses filled with artists from all walks.

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Delicate headpiece of little Dragon King

Photos from Slow News
From: Hello Chongqing

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