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17th July 2018



When we were young, our life in summer are consisted of a cattail leaf fan, a wooden bed , a TV with the poor signals, an ice-lolly with chirping of cicadas and heat wave.

Nowadays, the best way to spend the summer is with an air conditional, cellphone, Wifi, watermelons and sitting on a coach?

The answer is absolutely no The answer should be call several friends to have BBQs while drinking beer with the breeze in the summer evening.


If this thing has to be set a time limit I wish it would be drink beer with you

The 10th Chongqing International Music and Beer Festival

Time: 28th July- 4th August 2018.

Venue: Haitang Yanyu Park, Nanbin Road, Nan’an District Chongqing.

Ticket: ¥9.9 (Early bird ticket) ¥29.9 (One day pass+ Beers)

Where to purchase:
Follow the official account of 重庆本地宝公众号(bdbchongqing) via WeChat, and reply “啤酒” at the backstage to buy ticket online


The festival will feature the most fashion elements in order to provide a dazzling show with performances by famous bands like Cisui Band (碎瓷乐队), Jiajian Band (加减乐队), 曾楠 (zengnan) and more.

Getting there:
Take 376/304/321/354/318 to Gangkou Hospital (港口医院)
Take bus 373 to HaitangYangyuGongyuan (海棠烟雨公园)
Take bus 354 to Haitangxi (海棠溪)

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