"Our Ficus Virens" photo fairs held in Chongqing

10h October 2018


On 28th, September, the "Our Ficus Virens" photo fairs was organized by Shangqingshi Street Party, representative office, Yuzhong district and co-organized by Badian film base, which opened at Zengjiayan Academy.


The fair is dedicated to presenting fine art photography and moving images from ficus virens in our city. After 3 months of hard work, the team will provide images of the trees, which will show the tolerant, indomitable, unyielding, and strong vitality to visitors.

As one section of the Chongqing International Image festival in 2018, the photo fairs finally has selected more than 40 photographs and presented 1 documentary to the public.

Why do we take the common ficus virens as the main feature in this fair? Lvzhen, the curator, remarked that the documentary of the exhibition took over 4 years to shoot which consists of 400 mini series about the trees, and it describes the various relations and constant emotions between this city and Chongqing people. “When I doing the interview, they often mention the ficus virens, it is around us and provides a shelter for us in the summer days. It is common yet great. The most important is rooted in every corner of Chongqing. In order to let Chongqing people remember these wonderful memories with ficus virens, that’s why we arrange an exhibition for it, its more like to represent chongqing local people."


The photography fair will present the images of ficus virens with 4 perspective from roots, stems, leaves and trees. There will be a caption below each photograph, giving information on things such as Habits Popularization of Ficus Virens and Features of Street & Lane.


The documentary - Our Ficus Virens - lasts approximately 20 minutes, and charts the development and changes in Chongqing, conveying the love for urban life by presenting the features of ficus viren. 

Noted from organizer, the exhibition will last until November this year, and it will be open for free to the public.

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