Pick blueberries in Wulong Fairy Mountain

26th July 2018


According to the Chongqing Wulong Fairy Mountain Tourist Resort Management Committee, right now it is the peak time to pick up blueberries in Dream Garden in Fairy Mountain Town, Wulong District. About 4000kg high-quality fresh blueberries are waiting for visitors to pick it up there.


It’s noted that when entering the July, it is the golden time for blueberries and strawberries in the high altitude area. For Dream Garden, it is a demonstration base of alpine fruits with an elevation of 1200 meter, which located in Fairy Mountain Town, Wulong District.

Because of high altitude and abstract differences in temperature. So the fruits here show to the public later with its special and good taste.


It’s about 10km away from the tourist center of Fairy Mountain Town to get there. The transportation is really convenient and will only takes about 10 minutes to drive.

Take a train at Chongqingbei Railway Station (or take a bus at Longtousi Long-distance Bus Station) to Wulong District, and then take the shuttle bus to Jingzhuyangliu at Wulong Bus Station and get off at Dream Garden Station of Yangjiawan
Self driving: Centre city- Wulong urban area- Fairy Mountain town- Fairy paradise walk- SINOPEC-Yiyunlinli-Statudim-Zhuantianpu-Tiansheng pharmaceutical company- Potato Base- Dream Garden Station of Yangjiawan ( or you can navigate Dream Garden Station of Yangjiawan via Baidu Map app)

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