Purple Flowers Bring Romance to Early Summer

14th June 2018


Purple is thought by many to be a mysterious and romantic color. Verbena is the most common purple flower species in Chongqing, we are here to recommend several places where it can be seen in the early summer time. Let’s go!


Zhaomushan Forest Park in Yubei District


There are peach, cherry and pear blossoms at Zhaomushan Forest Park, but there is verbena here, too. You can bring props and cosmetics to the pinkish purple flower fields and pose for stylish photos there. The flower sea is as big as two football fields, although not as good as those famous sites. Taking photos from any angle gives a completely distinct feeling. In addition, Zhaomushan is easily accessed and has much vegetation.

Location: No. 88, West Section of Jinkai Avenue, Yubei District

Transportation: Take Line 6 and off at Guangdianyuan Station, then walk to the park.

Chongqing Normal University in Shapingba


Verbena at Chongqing Normal University has been going viral on the Internet recently. Sanchun Lake in the University has seen many tourists taking photos in front of the sea of flowers. Among those, the most gorgeous ones are the verbenas, and you don’t need to buy tickets to see them. It is as if you are going into a dreamlike fairyland. One can be fully surrounded by flowers when the breeze blows. What a great place for photography!

Location: No. 37, Mid-Daxuecheng Road, Huxi Town, Shapingba District

Transportation: Take Line 1 and get off at Daxuecheng Station, then walk to the university.

Longwan Forest Park in Yubei


Perhaps most of us have never been to this park. It is located only 2km away from Longxing Ancient Town. Right now verbenas are blossoming here in the park where there are few people yet plenty of great scenery. You can do as much photography as you like here, and it is a great place for an early summer vacation. In addition to verbena, the sea of golden tagetes erecta is stunning still, reminiscent of the scene in Curse of The Golden Flower.

Location: Near S101, Liangjiang New Area


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