Raffles Hospital Showcased at Chongqing Marathon

06th March 2019


A Thousand Runners to Enjoy International Healthcare Privileges


March 4, 2019, Chongqing - Raffles Hospital Chongqing, the first foreign-funded hospital in the Mountain City, officially announced its participation in the 9th Chongqing International Marathon as a healthcare partner, indicating that Raffles Hospital Chongqing will become the first international hospital to provide medical services to CQ Marathon contestants in the history of the race. CQ Marathon organization committee leader Mr. Li Wei, Raffles Hospital Chongqing director Mr. Yang Qingyuan and Raffles Hospital Chongqing deputy director and President Dr. Liu Guanghong jointly witnessed this historic moment. "The participation of Raffles Hospital means that competitors in the Chongqing International Marathon will have the chance to enjoy international medical services, and that more Chongqing citizens will be able to experience the healthy lifestyle concept of Raffles Hospital," CQ Marathon organization committee leader Mr. Li Wei remarked.



During the CQ Marathon, Raffles Hospital will set up an international medical station staffed with relevant healthcare personnel on-site at the race, and provide professional post-race rehabilitation service to CQ Marathon contestants at the post-marathon rehabilitation area. In addition, Raffles Hospital will also offer one thousand customized check-up packages to CQ Marathon runners free of charge. The first thousand contestants that register through Raffles Hospital's official channels (Call 023-86006999, or register online at WeChat public account "重庆慎安医院" after March 8) before March 31, 2019, will be qualified for the free check-up. The physical examination package includes: Regular inspection, laboratory inspection, urine analysis, and chest x-ray and rehabilitation service. Other than the first thousand contestants, those who register before April 30, 2019, will also enjoy 20% discount on a limited edition marathon membership card.



As one of the key departments at Raffles Hospital, the Raffles Pediatrics Clinic specially offers the "Raffles Hospital Little Dinosaur Club" membership discount for children between 0 and 12 years old partaking in the "Family Fun Run" of the CQ Marathon. Children carrying the "Raffles Hospital Little Dinosaur Club" membership card may enjoy a full children's dental care service package, children's physical check-up, vision acuity examination and other superbly-valued services and an exquisite dinosaur toy.


"The Raffles Pediatrics Clinic offers multilingual, internationalized and one-stop medical care service, and this is a fantastic chance to offer pediatric and health consultation to Chinese and foreign children running in the CQ Marathon". Dr. Liu Guanghong, the deputy director and president of Raffles Hospital Chongqing, said: "Not only will we be able to serve Chongqing families during the marathon, but Chongqing citizens will also learn about the service and culture of the Raffles Pediatrics Clinic".


Other than leveraging on its own healthcare resources to aid the Chongqing Marathon, Raffles Hospital also organized a crew to run at the race, and every member in this team intends to help bolster the competition with his or her steps and sweat. This crew is primarily comprised of doctors and nurses from Raffles Hospital, and they will partake in the half marathon, full marathon and mini marathon. The Chongqing Sports Industry Expo, as one of the chief concurrent exhibitions of the race, has become the largest gala of the sports industry in southwestern China. It has been said that Raffles Hospital will showcase to Chongqing citizens its professional clinic, unique healthcare services and international medical team during the Chongqing Sports Industry Expo.


The medical team and management at Raffles Hospital are comprised of renowned local professionals and top-notch international human resources in the healthcare industry, and they can fully satisfy patient needs in high quality care and treatment of international standards. "For Raffles Hospital, this is an inspiring moment, and a fantastic opportunity to participate in the marathon with the citizens of Chongqing! We will provide professional medical care and health assessment services on-site to support race participants from both home and abroad". Executive Chairman of the Raffles Medical Group Dr. Loo Choon Yong remarked, "As a provider of healthcare services in Chongqing, we consider the health and wellbeing of Chongqing citizens our top priority".

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