Recreate An Old Chongqing Piece by Piece
Piece by Piece

22th March 2018


The main structure of the first opening area of the 18-step Ladders Traditional Style Area Project has been capped in these days. It’s expected to be opened at the end of this year.



As the “Mother City” of Chongqing, each street and each alley in the lower urban area of the Yuzhong District carries the memory of the city. Various cultures-dock culture, immigration culture, Bayu mountain and river culture are mingled here, leaving 63 cultural relics from different periods.


With the start of constructing the lower urban area in Yuzhong District from 2013, a cluster area of historical cultural features links by East-West Jiefang Road and the Yangtze River Binjiang Road has been formed, basing on the traditional style of the 18-step Ladders Traditional Style Area Project, the Huguang Hall, Dongshuimen Historical and Cultural Street, and the Baixiang Street Traditional Style Area.



Inheritance and innovation from Baixiang Street



The first phase of the block is mainly divided into three roads: East Jiefang Roadthe- rely mainly on brand retail, boutique restaurants and coffee, embodies the style of the Republic of China; Baixiang Street- located in the middle area, rely mainly on retail sale, interspersed with some casual dining, as well as special Chongqing cultural and creative theme pavilion and cultural pavilion, etc. In the future, there will be cinemas, food courts, and exotic restaurants in the neighborhood.




“Baixiang Street is not just a continuation of the historical context. It will connect history, culture and commerce in a elaborated way through stitching, knitting and a series of techniques without changing the subject and form of old buildings. Fully realize the integration of business, travel and culture, creating a new business card for Chongqing.” The relevant person in charge of the Yuzhong District Historical and Cultural Street Construction Management Committee introduced.

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