Recur the Past Memory

of Chongqing “Mother City”

19th January 2018


Recur the Past Memory-1


In freezing winter, restoration of the main structure of Li Yaoting Residence at Baixiang Street has been completed. Constructed in the late Qing Dynasty, the small cyan bricks building witnessed 100-year history of up and down in Chongqing Yuzhong District. If you stay close, the characters inscribed on the broken brick are still visible. 

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Without equivalent vicissitudes, a city can’t embrace its flourish. Insiders have disputes on the way of displaying the Taiping Gate since its discovery. In addition to the “Gates Song” passing from mouth to mouth, the memory of “seventeen gates” finally becomes firmly established. 

Recur the Past Memory-3


The Renhe Gate, closed to Taiping Gate, sits there silently. It is the only closed gate found in Chongqing so far. It is no longer a gate safeguarding the city, but a memory carrier.

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Traditional feature areas are being reconstructed in Chongqing to protect the historical context. The Ma'anshan Traditional Feature Area is one such feature, and it is located behind the Grand Hall. The repair of the Former Residence of Shen Junru in the feature area has been basically completed. 


To maintain the original style of “mother city”, the original building techniques are used for repairing historical buildings. For example, more than 30,000 grey tiles for the China – France School in Daxigou were collected from local people. 

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Built in 1850, the Jiangquantai Firm is the “living fossil” of Chongqing buildings during the Port-Opening Period. Once upon a time, firms and hotels covered the area. Now only the Jianquantai Firm is reviving. 

Recur the Past Memory-6


During the construction of Traditional Feature areas, Yuzhong District, the “mother city” of Chongqing, always insists on integrating urban tourism, culture creativity, characteristic business and so on to improve old streets’ vitality and charm and directly show the history to people.

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