Running along the Beautiful Shore
2018 Hanfeng Lake Half Marathon

17th March 2018



On the morning of March 15, the press conference of the 2018 Chongqing Kaizhou Hanfeng Lake Half Marathon was took place. Kaizhou District will hold its first half marathon on the beautiful shore of Hanfeng Lake.



It is understood that 2018 Chongqing Kaifeng Hanfeng Lake Half Marathon is co-sponsored by the Administration of Sport of Chongqing and the People's Government of Kaizhou District of Chongqing and will be opened in South City Gujing Square, Kaizhou District, Chongqing, on April 15th, 2018, from 8:00am to 11:00am.



The event will be held in the national 4A class scenic spot and the national water conservation scenic area - Hanfeng Lake Wetland Park. The circuit is elaborately conducted by the organizing committee, revolves around the beautiful Hanfeng Lake and the Juzi(In the ancient China, every province will recommend talented men,juzi, to work in the central organization ) garden with deep cultural heritage. The players run in the tree-lined, bird singing and flower blossoming riverside wetland and enjoy pure oxygen healthy running.



At the same time, the entire track is straight, flat, with no slopes, few turning points, and elevations within 20 meters. It is believed that both the professional marathon player and long-distance running amateurs will be greatly attracted and able to create their best personal record.




In addition, before and after the event there will be “Romantic Kaizhou with blossoming flowers”flower appreciation tour and other cultural and tourism activities, so that everyone can participate in exciting events as well as enjoy beautiful view and taste local cuisine, deeply experience the charm of Hanfeng Lake in Hanfeng.



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