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Jinfo mountain has been officially named as a national popular science education base.

30th November 2017


In summer or autumn, each time when sun slowly falls down on sunny day, layers of cliffs are painted into gorgeous golden, as if a huge Buddha give out lights, that explains why it’s called Jinfo Mountain.

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Not just magnificent scenery and ever-lasting charming, Jinfo Mountain can actually bear comparison to a nature museum, equipped with a collection of 237 families and 2997 kinds of plants within 25 acres of primitive evergreen forest. On account of the unique natural landscape, a wide variety of rare animals and plants, odd rock model, deep carves underground, as well as the vagaries of meteorological landscape, Jinfo mountain has been officially named as a national popular science education base.

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Jinfo Mountain Science Camp has therefore become a science popularization second class for tourist, especially students, to explore the mysteries of science.

Science camp is located in the Jinfo Mountain West slope scenic area, where the staff lead the exploration and company you by the whole course. In order to provide people with personal experience, they create "science + travel Internet" mode.

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In the science camp the following activities are available to you:

No.1 Interesting nature -- Investigation on a brand-new species “Hexi Petrocosmea”

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Under the guidance of the staff, you can take the test box, pass the Bitan valley, enjoy the subtropical alpine valley landscape, and identify varied species with the help of artificial intelligence, to complete a unique professional specimen production.

No.2 Adventure in secret land -- Investigation on ancient high altitude caves

Jinfo Mountain is abound with cares, such as Gufo Cave, the most well-known one, Jinfo Cave, Laolong Cave, Yanyun Cave and Taoyuan Cave. Cave scenic area is divided into the Gufo Palace, Guanyin Palace, Wangmu Palace as well as other seven palaces.

Gufo Cave is titled with "three most" in China: the largest cave in China with the highest altitude; the cave with longest geologic age; the largest caves in the developed ones in China at the same altitude.

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No.3 Adventure on green land -- Season of bamboo sprouts

Golden Buddha has more than ten thousand square meters of bamboo forest, through which the science camp staff will guide you and pick bamboo sprouts in the fall, then learn bamboo weaving with craftsman . Try fresh square bamboo feast under lawn.

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No.4 -- Crazy Snowfield --Investigation on high altitude Karst ice and snow

Starting from the end of each November, 2238-meter Jinfo Mountain will experience snowfall and enter the snowy season up to four months. Visiting Jinfo Mountain in winter, you can observe the phenomenon of ice and snow, crystal clear rime, or ski in the rare southern ski resort.

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