“Secret Garden” Exhibition at the Long Museum

30th September 2018


On the 21st, Li Qiang's work exhibition was opened at the Long Museum (Chongqing) in Jiangbeizui. With this exhibition, the artist presents a comprehensive presentation of his work since a solo exhibition in Tokyo three years ago, in 2015. The exhibition will be on show from September 21 to October 31 and offers free tours to the public.


The Long Museum, founded by the Liu Yiqian and his wife Wang Wei, both collectors, which are known as one of the largest scale and most valuable private art museums in mainland China. Liqiang, the artist said, frankly that he has been under pressure to be invited to exhibit at the Long Museum since the beginning of the year, and since June, he was fully prepared for this exhibition.

The move in of this exhibition is also important for him. Stepping into the museum from Hall 1 to Hall 3, you can see these paintings have shown the periodic retrospection of the artist’s career, which also embodies a brand new starting point for the artist’s creation. Li remarked, I want the visitors to know what I am doing when they entering it, and Latest work of mine to my latest work.

Liqiang also named hall 3 as the “Garden hall”, the work to be presented in this one with “The flower theme ” created by him. He said, this is the first time to comprehensive presentation this theme to visitors, for me its also the first time to see my work at this site, the most satisfied thing is I want them to look at each paintings through the various perspectives and find out they are all different. Even visitors can see my state of mind in the studio and feel the anxiety when I created them. Of course, anxiety is meant from the point of view of artistic understandings, because I always want to change the routine and cozy way of painting and challenge.different themes. However, this challenge is not going well for me..

Chinese 1962
Graduated from oil painting department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute
And currently as the professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute of China.

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