Shapingba Central Park
Harmony between Human and Nature

17th March 2018


To build a beautiful landscape with mountains and rivers, the downtown city makes a big move again! A report from Shapingba District states that construction of Central Park in the Western Logistic Park has officially begun and is expected to be finished in December 2019. Down the Liangtan River, a water close landscape will be established with more than a quarter of lake scenery, doomed to be the model ecological park of our city.



Hyde Park

Located in the port central business district of the Logistic Park, the Central Park will be surrounded by commercial service areas both on the north and south side,with green land on the west, and a logistic service area on the east. The Central Park is connected to the free trade area designated by the square. The project covers a total area of 268,793.5 square meters, with a total floor area of 8,000 square meters, including a leisure park, entertainment business club, lake transformation and other related facilities.


By preparing vegetation in an orderly manner on the previous forest terrain and planting more species, the Mountain Forest Area becomes more diverse, so that visitors will feel the embrace of nature in a tranquil and comfortable forest.



The Metropolitan Square Area, used mainly for temporary exhibitions and outdoor activities, is a characteristic square with the service center at its core. It will be the main open space and venue for important activities in the park.



The Leisure Recreation Area, with a waterfront leisure theme, is a riverside style street. It will be a combination of building facilities and areas where customers can rest and enjoy the distinct scenery of each changing season.



The Popular Science Education Area features a myriad of aquatic plants forming a natural wetland that will serve as a place for citizens to enjoy nature.

科普教育區 種植多種水生植物,營造自然生態濕地,為市民提供多角度觀賞自然濕地的場所。


The Sports Area, a national fitness area, will be used for exercising especially ball games. It is arranged to the north where there is flat terrain. A walking path and viewing platform is set in the south along the gentle slope, making the area a perfect combination of natural ecology and dynamic fitness.



The future Central Park in the Western Logistic Park will have an overall layout with one axis, one belt and five zones.“One axis” means the water close sightseeing axis between lake area and the core square; “one belt” means 2km-long style tourist area alongside the central lake; and “five zones” refers to the Metropolitan Square Area, Popular Science Education Area, Mountain Forest Area, Leisure Recreation Area and Sports Area.



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