Shapingba Night Market Cultural Festival opens

1th October 2018


The 2nd Shapingba Night Market Cultural Festival was open in the evening of September 28th, and for local residents, they can also now access SUCH ! Shacixiang, as the scenic spot launched trial opening simultaneously on the same day.


When the night arrived, the Chuanjiang Haozi are performed in Ciqikou, which gives the grand and magnificent feeling to visitors.


Different theme activities will be performed in Shacixiang, Ciqikou every day during the festival. The performances include “intangible cultural heritage dragon dance plus traditional sparkling iron tree”, “original fashion brand plus T-show”and rock music on container stage, plus traditional cross talk, zither playing and other shows. For this festival, Area A of SUCH! Shacixiang will be used as the main location of the Night Market Cultural Festival, and the area is extended to Ciqikou Ancient Town. Besides this, visitors, can also enjoy interesting series including White Snake, face off in Sichuan opera, and other trend shows until the end of National day holiday.

As noted from the organizers that the festival is organized by district government, District Municipal Bureau of Commerce and co-organized by administrative committee of Ciqikou ancient town with the theme of“Tasting Ciqikou at night, Recalling the Chongqing”.

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