Smell the Elegance of Tea
In Yongchuan District

17th April 2018


On the morning of April 13, the opening ceremony of the 8th Chongqing Yongchuan International Tea Culture and Tourism Festival was held in Yongchuan.




This year's Tea Culture and Tourism Festival has prepared seven major tea cultural special activities for tourists. Among them, five main activities were concentrated on April 13-15, respectively to be the opening ceremony of the 8th Tea Culture and Tourism Festival, the 2nd Tea Ceremony Conference of Yongchuan Xiuya, the Expert Forum on "Tea Culture and Global Tourism", the "Famous Tea in China " Marketing Fair, and the First No Ego Tea Party and the Best Tea Table Show in Yongchuan District.




In addition, visitors can participate in the Youth Tea Art Exhibition Match on the 14th and experience the tea picking festival held by Tea Mountain Bamboo Sea, Ying Mountain and Shisun Mountain.



During this festival, the 8th Chongqing National Fitness Games Mountaineering Competition and the 8th Chongqing Yongchuan International Tea Culture and Tourism Festival Mountaineering Competition will be held. Mountaineering enthusiasts inside and outside the city can participate.



Four characteristics of the Tea Culture and Tourism Festival


This tea festival has four characteristics: tea, culture, move and happy.



"Tea" is the soul of this festival. Visitors can visit the ecological scenic area built on tea gardens, purchase special tourism products created by tea products, enjoy your trip made up of tea and tourism.


“Culture” indicates that the number of unique cultural events in this year's Tea Travel Festival has been the most of all time, which is as many as nine events. At the same time, a large number of tea cultural venues, including the main venue of this conference, Tea Culture Characteristic Commercial Street Xiexin Changyuefang, newly-built Chongqing Tea Museums, Tea Market, Tea-tasting house, Tea Art House and other tea culture facilities will be open to tourists.



"Move" is promote the concept of “Sports and health". There are National Fitness Games Mountaineering Competitions and the First Cultural and Creative Tourism Product Design Competition in Yongchuan District.


"Happy" refers to a series of activities that are highly entertaining and highly engaging, enable visitors to experience and enjoy this festival.


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