Special memory of Chongqing: Outdoor Image and Video Exhibition in Shancheng Lane

1th October 2018


There is a window in the mottled and old wall, and the elderly lady behind the window makes an interesting contrast from the nearby, fashionable young lady. You can see “Pedestrian Riding A Bike” or “Butcher Selling Pork” while climbing the steps.


As one of the 2018 Chongqing (International) Image and Video Culture Festival series, Shancheng Footpath Outdoor Image and Video Exhibition, which infuse the photographs into the old constructions. The event aims to give a special memory of this increasingly modern city to visitors.

The Exhibition is being held in Shancheng Lane, Nanjimen Street, Yuzhong District. Shancheng Lane, formerly named Tiandeng (literally meaning light from sky) Lane, was the residence of military generals in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. After Chongqing opened its port, French missionaries built churches, hospitals and schools here, and also installed lampposts in 1912. So that’s the name of Tiandeng Lane come from. And for this Exhibition, it brings a unique charm to Chongqing.


Walk along the footpath, you can see a girl in red is looking at the entrance of the lane in front of the courtyard of a teahouse; a motorcycle carrying 3 people is rushing to you while turning a corner; an old man beside the grocery store who carries an old hen in his right hand and grasps a newspaper in his left hand is walking powerfully. These vivid works full of daily life and the surrounding buildings all blend into one harmonies together, which have attracted visitors to stop for pictures taking.

As noted that the high-precision giclée print will be used in this exhibition. Firstly, the staff will make the photographs on waterproof document paper, and then glued on the surrounding buildings.


Because it is an outdoor space exhibition, for audience, they can visit the exhibition while arranging it.

"Every city has its parent city, and every parent city has its own memory and taste." Mali, staff of the exhibition said, currently the works of Liu Tao (a photographer from Hefei province) are present to visitors, in the following days, there will select 8 photographers from Guangzhou, Fuzhou and other places in China for joint exhibition by their photographs of their mother town. Including one German photographer who show his works about Chongqing in the last century of 1990s.

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