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13th February 2018



View the circus performing, visit the market, enjoy magic and get close to animals ... the 2th Locajoy International Clown Festival will be opened on February 15 and last until March 2.

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It is understood that the 2th Locajoy International Clown Festival is divided into three parts: the Spring Festival Carnival, the Spring Festival Bazaar and the Theme Show. The interesting fusion of the essence in Chinese and Western cultures are going to be showcased from drama, clown, circus to dolphin show, Spring Festival Bazaar, plus the Wildlife World and Happy World in Locajoy. Both adults and children can find their own fun here.

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In addition, Locajoy specifically prepared for children some traditional activities like guessing the riddles, hitting glutinous rice cake and shaking blessing sign ...while they experience original Spring Festival customs, they can exchange mysterious gifts by completing checkpoints and collecting red card.

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