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08th February 2018



After the twelfth lunar month, the new year will come. With the Spring Festival approaching, big streets and small alleys of the Mountain City are full of Spring Festival atmosphere. The Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau and Chongqing Geographic Information Center issued the spring welcoming chapter of the Chongqing Place Names & Culture Map. By collecting place names with the Chinese character "春" (spring means “auspicious”), the map will help you feel the Spring Festival atmosphere more.

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Among numerous towns and villages in Chongqing, there are thirty place names with the word "春." Before Spring Festival, the spring welcoming chapter of Chongqing Place Names & Culture Map summarized all towns, streets and village communities which have the character "春" in whole Chongqing.

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The only one street with "春"—— Chunhui (春暉) Road Street, Dadukou District


Chunhui Road Street was established in January 2002. Because of its office in Chunhui Road, the east of Dadukou District, Chunhui Road Street got its name. Chunhui Road Street was originally a combination urban and rural development zone. At present, it is one of the important economic and commercial areas of Dadukou District with convenient transportation and a prosperous economy. Its development has witnessed the rapid economic and social progress of Dadukou and even of Chongqing.


The most vibrant place name——Qingchun (青春, youth) Village


There are a total of four places in Chongqing named after Qingchun: Qingchun Village in Shituo Town of Fuling, Qingchun Community in Tongqiao Street of Dazu, Qingchun Village in Yangjiao Town of Wulong and Qingchun Village in Panlong Street of Yunyang." Qingchun" intended for the lush grass in spring or the precious time of one's life. The reason for using it as the village name is to express the place brimming over with vigor and vitality.


The most artistic place name——Chunliu (春柳, spring willow) Village


Chunliu Village of Sansheng Town is located in northeastern Beibei District. It got its name from the verdant willow scenery in spring. The men of literature and writing often create various artistic conceptions of willow scenery. The famous Chinese verses such as “Verdant willow tree stands tall and straight, thousands of green wickers droop from it as if silk ribbons” and “Morning rain washes away the dust of Weicheng, willow in front of inn shows jade green” present idyllic poetic images for readers.


The most joyous place name——Xinchun (新春, new spring) Village


There are three places in Chongqing called “Xinchun", namely the Xinchun Community in Yuelai Street of Yubei, the Xinchun Village in Shuanghe Town of Wulong and the Xinchun Village in Wuyang Street of Xiushan. When Spring Festival comes, the place name Xinchun Village seems to be particularly joyous. Imagine that people here live in spring every day. Doesn't that have a special kind of feeling?


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