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8th April 2018


Leisure vacation time always slips away unnoticed. The three-day Qingming Festival has announced the ending and handed over possession to work, while workers still linger in the past somehow.


One thing good about expectation is that we can spend daily life hold it in mind. So following the Qingming Festival is May Day, an international three-day holiday in honor of laboring people as well as an annual outing period for Chinese.


However before that holiday coming people in Chongqing can still enjoy their time, as the air ticket is absolutely bargain price in April!


Chongqing - Haikou As low as ¥310

重慶 - 海口 最低 ¥310

Even in 20th century, Haikou still preserves the most original customs of south land. Life is full of happiness, with blue sky and white cloud above.


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Those destinations sound familiar to you: Qilou Old Street, Holiday Beach, Volcanic Crater,Bell Tower... Ready to meet them in reality?

騎樓老街、假日海灘、火山口、鐘樓...名字說出來真的是無人不曉, 沒去過的快去打卡呀。

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Talking about local delicacy, a seaside city stands out not only by sea food, but also Wenchang Chicken, Hot Spring Goose, Coco Jelly and Dongshan Mouton.


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Chongqing - Xi’an As low as ¥ 270

重慶 - 西安 最低 ¥ 270

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When thick nation history encounter flourishing modern life, Xi’an tries its best to balance the past and present. Tourists will find a majestic ancient China building heave in sight, not long after they leave the modern chain hotel then take on the fast metro.

Must-go places in Xi’an also represent the most authentic ancient Chinese elements: Terra-cotta Warriors, Huaqing Palace, Li Mountains, Mount Hua, and you definitely can’t miss the Huis’ Street, the Great Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Dynasty Hibiscus Garden...


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Almost everyone comes to Xi’an will have a taste of Chinese Hamburger, biangbiang Noodles, Bread Pieces Soaked in Lamp Soup, Cold Rice Noodles and Oil Sprinkled Noodles...

來到西安,有幾樣一定要吃的:肉夾饃、biangbiang面、羊肉泡饃 涼皮、油潑面等絕對讓你難忘。

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Chongqing - Changsha As low as ¥ 310

重慶 - 長沙 最低 ¥ 310

If describe this city in one word, I would say it’s enthusiasm One thing is similar between Changsha and Chengdu is that both cities can’t live without spicy taste.


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Taste Shrimp, Stinky Tofu, Stewed Pork in Brown Sauce... Only by trying these local snacks can you make yourself a true tourist in Changsha.


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Chongqing - Guiyang As low as ¥ 100

重 慶 - 貴 陽 最低 ¥ 100

Only 100 yuan you can board the flight to Guiyang. What a pity to let a discount like this slip away.


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When people talk about Guiyang:“A city blends with mountains, surrounded by green belt. A city integrates with forest, covered by trees.”

Chongqing - Zhanjiang

As low as ¥ 420

重 慶 - 湛 江 最低 ¥ 420

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Zhanjiang can be simply equal as a tropical crop land as sugar cane, fruit, vegetables and eucalyptus, sisal are easily to be found here. Pineapple, banana, mango, red orange... Here you can eat fresh fruit as much as you want.

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